Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Whack Me Off

This blog is about my experience on whacking off for my female friends, female associates and my female constituents. Basically, I have been getting a lot of requests by my lady friends about whacking off. For what ever reason, this is a key fetish for most of these women, and it's also a "in" for me to get to the panties too! Don't get me wrong, I realize that pussy is power; and I love the power that these women have over me too. However.......

Also, I guess these women boyfriends, husbands, etc. are not giving them the visual show that they so desparately seek. I could give a damn less. I will give it to them on a per request basis and give you all the details too. Now, this isn't just about me whacking off, it's about all of the other things associated with the benefits that come with this package.

So ladies, if there was anything that you ever wanted to know about guys who whack off and the things we guys do, feel free to post here for an honest response.